Everyone’s Creative. Explore Your Creativity.

“My feeling is that the concept of creativeness and the concept of healthy, self-actualizing, fully-human person seem to be coming closer and closer together, and may perhaps turn out to be the same thing”
Maslow, 1963


Creativity Improves Job Satisfaction


Arti Agarwal



Who We Are

Arti Agarwal is the founder of en.light.art and the Be Creative Magazine. She is a creative nut and challenges the idea that one can be good at only one thing at one time, because creativity is all about exploring your possibilities. She has studied yoga and meditation for the last four years and has worked as a successful creative professional alongisde. After having dabbled into both technical and artistic fields, she came back convinced that every kind of work actually requires creativity and to not make use of one’s creative juices is to live life in the first gear.  Know More Here